I am not sorry

for violin, cello, and piano, 6:00 (2016). Commissioned by Ascending Duo + Matt Magerkurth.

About the Work:
The goal for ‘I am not sorry’ is to bring the music from one state of being to another- from polite and clean to raw, human, and a little ugly. The same three motives are seen throughout- they begin in a straightforward and almost mechanical fashion, pausing every once in a while to contemplate and start again. Over time the voices slowly break out of their repeated patterns, grow edges, and become agitated. By the end all voices come together in an unapologetic chant. This piece is for everybody, friends and strangers alike, who have become tired of having to apologize for their existence in any way. There are many people in this world who have had to say sorry for taking up space and for not being or acting or feeling the way somebody else thinks they should; this music is for them.