‘Inside’ premiered by the Maryland Wind Festival, June 2018.

for eleven winds, 7:00 (2018). Commissioned by the Maryland Wind Festival.

About the work:
Inside began with a sound sample of a sigh. When you take a recording of a person sighing and slow it down about 400 times, a really beautiful thing happens: you can no longer hear a gradual descent so much as different pitches and overtones of the human voice slowly melting into one another. You don’t really perceive the change you are experiencing until it has already happened. I drew inspiration from this phenomena for Inside by slowly crossfading moments into one another, and by branching multiple layers from a single voice until the piece is enveloped in its own texture. I learned that by zooming in on a single human expression like this, you get to see a whole new perspective on a person’s ability to express emotion.

‘Inside’ was commissioned by Tyler Austin for the 2018 Maryland Wind Festival, funded in part by:

Maryland Wind Festival Commission Project
Robert Ash- Ann Arbor Huron High School
Mark Stice- Okemos High School

John Szczerowski- Grand Ledge High School