perfectly clear

‘Perfectly clear’ performed by Lucy Yao at Árete Venue & Gallery.

for solo piano, 5:30 (2019).

About the work:
Perfectly clear is inspired by the visual artwork of the same name by James Turrell. In Turrell’s work, the viewer enters a large curved room flooded with colored light whose source is indeterminable. Over the span of nine minutes the light slowly and gradually changes colors, completely disrupting the viewer’s sense of time and space. The structure of this work for solo piano grows from my experience in this Turrell artwork; soft patterns slowly change, sometimes perceptibly and sometimes not, until they have traveled to a new place in time.

Perfectly clear was written as a one-minute miniature for Vicky Chow in 2017, and extended for Lucy Yao in 2019.

‘Perfectly clear’ was premiered in March 2019 at Árete Venue & Gallery in Brooklyn..