‘Weeds’ performed by line upon line percussion.

for percussion trio, 7:30 (2019).

About the work:

A weed is simply something growing where it shouldn’t.

This work was inspired by a person or object being taken out of its natural environment; this idea of misplacement is interesting to me because it is a feeling that some people crave, while for others it is extremely discomforting – and sometimes it can be both. In this trio for three percussionists, I am looking at the idea of misplacement from the angle of being comforted by your environment, and the role that familiarity plays in this comfort. Throughout the piece the three musicians move within their stations to build something out of nothing together, and as the material becomes more familiar, it grows.

Weeds was commissioned and premiered by line upon line percussion (January 2019) and released on ‘in a (once-)blossomed place’ on July 2019 (people places records.)